Wrist Pain Treatment

Wrist Pain Treatment

Wrist Pain Treatment in Billings, MT

It is common for wrist pain to stem from various causes, such as repetitive strain, arthritis, or injury. The most common treatment for wrist pain is to rest, ice, compress, and elevate, as well as to use physical therapy and medications to reduce inflammation and pain. Wrist exercises can improve strength and flexibility, while ergonomic adjustments can help minimize stress on the wrist during daily activities. For more severe cases, splinting or surgery might be necessary to relieve pressure on nerves and repair any underlying damage.

Treating Wrist Pain in Billings, MT, is designed for individuals who experience persistent or acute wrist discomfort that affects their ability to perform everyday tasks. Symptoms usually improve within a few weeks of commencing treatment, depending on their severity and adherence to the therapy regimen. The benefits of effective treatment can last long-term, particularly if individuals continue to practice the preventive and strengthening exercises recommended by their therapists. If you are struggling with wrist pain and need relief, contact Concierge Health and Wellness in Billings, MT, to schedule an assessment and find the best treatment options.

Benefits of Treating Wrist Pain:


Individuals suffering from wrist pain due to overuse, injury, or conditions like arthritis are ideal candidates for this treatment.

Many patients notice an improvement in pain and functionality within a few weeks after starting their treatment plan.

Proper management and commitment to prescribed exercises can treat wrist pain in the long term.

Most non-surgical treatments for wrist pain involve little to no downtime, and side effects are generally minimal. Surgical options require recovery and could come with typical surgical risks.

Before treatment, it might be necessary to modify activities that temporarily exacerbate wrist pain. After treatment, continuing with rehabilitation exercises and possibly using ergonomic aids are essential for recovery and preventing future issues.

During treatment for wrist pain, you may undergo physical therapy sessions focused on strengthening and stretching exercises, splints or supports, and possibly pain relief medication. If surgery is needed, it will aim to fix structural problems in the wrist causing pain.

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