Elbow Pain Treatment

Elbow Pain Treatment

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Elbow Pain Treatment in Billings, MT

Elbow Pain commonly responds to treatment through physical therapy, medication, and sometimes more interventional procedures depending on the underlying cause. Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and bursitis are often the culprits behind elbow pain. Physical therapy techniques are applied to strengthen and stretch the forearm muscles, reduce tendon irritation, and improve joint function. Medications may include anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. For persistent cases, corticosteroid injections or surgery help relieve severe discomfort and restore mobility.

Treating Elbow Pain in Billings, MT, is ideal for individuals who experience chronic elbow pain that affects their daily activities or those suffering from acute injuries that have not improved with primary care. Patients typically start to see relief from pain and improvement in mobility within a few weeks of beginning treatment. The lasting effects of these treatments can vary, but many individuals experience prolonged relief when following their prescribed treatment plan diligently. If elbow pain hinders your quality of life, consider booking an appointment with Concierge Health and Wellness in Billings, MT, to explore your pain relief and rehabilitation options.

Benefits of Treating Elbow Pain:


Individuals experiencing ongoing discomfort or mobility issues in the elbow from overuse injuries, trauma, or inflammation are suitable candidates for treatment.

Most symptoms improve within a few weeks of starting their treatment regimen.

Although treatment effectiveness can vary widely among individuals, many enjoy long-term relief following a comprehensive treatment program.

Most non-surgical treatments have minimal downtime, with potential side effects including temporary soreness or swelling at the treatment site. Surgical treatments may involve a more extended recovery period.

Before starting treatment, doctors usually instruct patients to rest the affected elbow and avoid activities that exacerbate pain. Following treatment, adhering to rehabilitation exercises and gradually resuming activities as recommended are crucial for recovery.

During treatment for elbow pain, you might undergo physical therapy sessions focusing on exercises and stretches that target the forearm and elbow. The doctor might prescribe pain medications; in some cases, you might receive injections to reduce inflammation directly at the elbow joint. If surgery is necessary, the procedure will aim at repairing damaged tissues and improving joint function.

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