Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Treatment

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Scoliosis Treatment in Billings, MT

In Scoliosis, the spine has an abnormal lateral curvature. In most cases, it develops during childhood or early adolescence. The treatment for scoliosis varies depending on the curve’s severity and the patient’s age. Options include observation for mild cases, where regular monitoring is maintained to watch for any progression in the curve. Bracing is another non-invasive treatment to prevent further curvature in growing children whose curves are more pronounced but not severe enough to require surgery. For severe cases, surgical interventions such as spinal fusion may be necessary to correct the curve as much as possible and stabilize the spine.

Treating Scoliosis in Billings, MT, caters to individuals diagnosed with this spine curvature disorder, aiming for better health outcomes. Results from non-surgical treatments like bracing can be seen over the period that growth occurs, as it helps to prevent further curvature, and these results can be long-lasting with curvature under control during the patient’s growth phases. Surgical results are often visible immediately after recovery, providing a permanent correction depending on the operation’s success. Consider booking an appointment with Concierge Health and Wellness in Billings, MT, for expert scoliosis management and treatment options.

Benefits of Treating Scoliosis:


Children and teenagers diagnosed with scoliosis and still growing, especially those with moderate curvature that might worsen with time, are good candidates.

For non-surgical treatments like bracing, results are gradual and depend on growth; for surgical treatments, improvements can often be seen immediately after recovery.

Non-surgical treatment results can vary; surgical corrections are generally permanent, although some may require further interventions.

Non-surgical methods like bracing do not involve downtime but may include discomfort or skin irritation. Conversely, surgery consists of a recovery period with potential risks typical of surgical procedures.

It is crucial to undergo comprehensive diagnostic evaluations before treatment. Following all rehabilitation instructions and attending follow-up appointments are critical to a successful outcome post-treatment.

Treatment may range from simple observation and wearing a brace for certain hours of the day to spinal fusion surgery, where rods assist in correcting the spinal curve and fusing the vertebrae. Each treatment plan is personalized based on the severity of the scoliosis and the individual’s circumstances.

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