Who We are

Who We are

Dedicated, Licensed Clinicians in Billings, MT

At Concierge Health & Wellness, our dedicated team of licensed clinicians is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to every individual patient’s needs. Our team takes pride in utilizing advanced technologies and therapeutic solutions, all while maintaining a personal touch that sets us apart. We believe in creating strong patient-provider relationships and getting to know each person on a deeper level to offer care that truly makes a difference. Discover more about our skilled professionals who are at the heart of Concierge Health & Wellness.

Meet Heather Dibra, OT

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Heather Dibra is an accomplished entrepreneur, holding a master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Florida and having over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry.
The establishment of Concierge Health & Wellness can be traced back to Heather’s keen observation. She recognized a significant gap in preventive care for musculoskeletal injuries, spanning across all age groups. This realization powered her mission to address this pressing medical issue. As a result, Concierge Health & Wellness, a healthcare oasis nestled in the heart of Billings, Montana, was established.
At its core, Concierge Health & Wellness is dedicated to providing highly effective and personalized preventive treatments, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Our steadfast mission is clear: to empower individuals of all ages to maintain their active lifestyles and continue participating in the physical activities they cherish.
Heather’s unwavering commitment to her patients permeates every aspect of her clinic. Her profound passion lies in ensuring that every patient who steps through her doors receives a top-tier experience. In an age defined by healthcare innovation, Concierge Health & Wellness shines as a beacon of excellence, resolute in its commitment to preventive care and devoted to positively transforming lives.
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